Welcome to Mestemacher – The Lifestyle-bakery! Industrial bakery Mestemacher – pioneer of ecological and social sustainability

Mestemacher supports organic farming!

Mestemacher has been supporting organic farming since 1985. Mestemacher is actively involved in nature conservation. As the first producer of packaged wholemeal breads from controlled organic cultivation, we have been encouraging the existence and operational growth of organic farmers since 1985. Since the first production in our Gütersloh bakery, with its own large mill, delicate flavour varieties have been developed every year.

Our organic wholemeal breads are made from whole rye grain. The rye grains are freshly ground in our own mill before the bread is baked. They are rich in important fibres. Organic cultivation doesn’t use any chemical sprays and fertilisers, in addition to protecting our environment.

Organic farming protects our ground water from excessive nitrate pollution.



1. We bake our breads with freshly-milled rye.

2. We always use freshly-milled whole rye meal from our local mill for our wholemeal products.

3. While conventional flours lose valuable ingredients, our whole rye meal remains rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

4. From the baking process, right up to the final product: all of our production steps are performed under one roof.

The Lifestyle Bakery Concept

Mestemacher is a producer of bread and baked goods supplying the classic retail grocery trade in Germany and abroad with pre-packaged Vollkornbrot – German-style dark wholegrain bread – and international speciality breads. These products give Mestemacher a presence in a part of the whole bread and baked goods market
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Corporate Social Responsibility

We from Mestemacher see it as our duty to think and act for the future of today’s and following generations. This means that we strive for a balanced relationship between the economic requirements to our company and our commitment to society and the environment
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Everyone´s eating organic bread

Organic products are enjoying ever-increasing popularity with consumers. In order to be able to label their own products with the government-recognised organic logo, producers have to meet much stricter requirements than apply to conventional products [read more]

Healthy bread creations

Mestemacher is best known for its original Westphalian Pumpernickel and the different varieties of wholemeal bread. International bread specialities are also sold under the well known brand name. The most well known product is the Westphalian Pumpernickel. This dark bread from Westphalia is sold with a designation of origin logo “Westfälisch” which means “original Westphalian”. The brand Mestemacher differs in character from other suppliers because of its distinctive package design. Based on the principle “one face to the customer” you will find this on all our packaged bread.