The Future Forum picks up development trends with top-class experts, providing chances and ventures for society. The discussions take place in prominent institutions in various German cities. The series of events aims at informing the public and raising awareness of chances and ventures normally emanating from changes. The participating experts represent different positions and as stakeholders should make it a lively discussion.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers, initiator of the prize

7th Mestemacher Forum Future

American-German summit talks in Gütersloh at Mestemacher

6th Mestemacher Forum Future

“MAN STUFF – Kids, kitchen and career?!”

5th Mestemacher Forum Future

“Business is a man’s world. Will things stay like this forever?”

4th Mestemacher Forum Future

“Is the world becoming multipolar? Possible scenarios and rules for a new global economic order.”

3th Mestemacher Forum Future

“Do sovereign wealth funds jeopardise or foster democracy?”

2th Mestemacher Forum Future

“Will we see a battle for food?”

1th Mestemacher Forum Future

“Who will rule the middle class in 2020? Investors from the Near and Far East, male or female external managers, sons or daughters?”