Consumer benefits


Grain that comes from controlled and mainly regional supplier is grinded freshly in our own mill.


Long lasting single servings (eg. Bio Family Basket, includes 7 servings) keep the bread fresh and make it suitable for any situation. It is usually eaten fresh but it is also delicious when toasted.


Our breads are perfect for the health conscious consumer. We produce organic, natural, fibre rich, whole grain, nutritional foods that have positive effects on your wellbeing and contribute to a healthy diet.


Our whole grain foods are rich on fibre. The consumption of wholegrain bread keeps the digesting system running, binds contaminates, is beneficial for the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of cancer. Fibre reduces cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, fibre decreases the risk of developing bowel cancer because of its water-binding and soaking abilities that thin down cancer causing substances. And of course, high- fibre foods help fill you up, which is why they´re such a great choice if you want to lose weight.


Fibre rich foods are key ingredients for a healthy diet. But the amount of fibre depends on how much of the outer layer of the grain as been stripped away in the milling refining process. The more processing a cereal has been through, the lower its fibre content will be. Meanwhile, it´s not just fibre that´s lost during processing. Many vitamins and minerals are also found in the outer layers of the grain, which is why we use wholegrains and process these grain s in a very gently.


Unopened our Pumpernickel in the can last at least 2 years and 4 months. Everyday bread lasts at least 5 months. We achieve this conservation through a special pasteurisation process. The long lasting attribute makes our bread exceptional and has been specifically demanded by the NASA Astronaut Thomas Reiter who has eaten our bread in space.


Functional foods are enriched with added ingredients that have a positive effect on our well being. A prime example is our Avtive-3 Whole Grain Bread enriched with insulin, calcium and vitamin D3 that help the bone construction and strengthens the immune system.


Treat yourself with a wellness meal or snack with one of our gourmet specialities or delicatessens such as our original Westphalian Pumpernickel.

Ethical Correct

By buying Mestemacher products you can be sure to consumer foods produced in ethically correct ways and do something for the greater good by indirectly supporting our social responsibility projects.