The objectives of this activity, which was launched in the year 2002, include:

  • the exposition of economic competency of female economic specialists in the male domain of economy
  • promotion of an economic culture, designed both by women and men
  • presentation of female role models for prospective female junior managers.

Competent women are to be highlighted in the male domain of economy, who are refuting established ideas about female characteristics. Such women are assertive and profit-oriented. They serve as role models to female junior managers.

Photo credits: GK FOTODESIGN

The philosophy

The award is oriented in the principles of gender mainstreaming. Both on a European level and in the Federal Republic of Germany, gender mainstreaming focuses on systematic involvement of both genders in the arrangement of all patterns of human existence. Particularly it is a matter of sexual equality in the occupancy of top positions of politics and economy.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers, initiator of the prize

Winners 2002-2022

Winner 2022

Astrid Teckentrup

Winner 2021

Katherina Reiche

Photo credits: Laurence Chaperon

Winner 2020

Angela Titzrath

Photo credits: HHLA/Thies Rätzke

Winner 2019

Milagros Caiña Carreiro-Andree

Photo credits: BMW Group

Winner 2016

Annette Stieve

Winner 2018

Dr. Bettina Orlopp

Photo credits: Commerzbank AG

Winner 2017

Petra Justenhoven

Winner 2015

Martina Koederitz

Winner 2014

Anke Schäferkordt

Photo credits: RTL/Stephan Pick

Winner 2013

Ines Kolmsee

Winner 2012

Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta

Winner 2011

Dr. Angelika Dammann

Photo credits: Wolfram Scheible

Winner 2010

Birgit A. Behrendt

Photo credits: F. Stark/Ford

Winner 2009

Angelika Gifford

Photo credits: Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

Winner 2008

Margret Suckale

Photo credits: DB AG/Max Lautenschläger

Winner 2007

Dr. Christine Bortenlänger

Winner 2006

Martina Sandrock

Winner 2005

Regine Stachelhaus

Winner 2004

Prof. Dr. Helga

Winner 2003

Dr. Ilona Lange

Winner 2002

Dagmar Bollin-Flade