1. We bake our breads with freshly-milled rye.

2. We always use freshly-milled whole rye meal from our local mill for our wholemeal products.

3. While conventional flours lose valuable ingredients, our whole rye meal remains rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

4. From the baking process, right up to the final product: all of our production steps are performed under one roof.

5. We rely on traditional pasteurisation, which means that the product is preserved by heating instead of additives and preservatives.

6. When stored unopened, we guarantee that our bread products will remain fresh for enjoyment for at least six months.

7. Our recipes are developed by nutrition experts and are continuously improved to take account of the needs of a healthy diet.

8. Our organic product range contains no preservatives or pesticides.

9. The majority of Mestemacher’s bread products are suited for vegan nutrition.

10. Mestemacher’s breads are pioneers in the field of German bread culture.

11. Pure Natural (our pure variety) was distinguished as a top innovation at ANUGA, the worldwide largest trade fair for food, in 2019.

12. Our wholemeal breads are rich in dietary fibre and satisfy the requirements of a wholefood diet.

13. Mestemacher’s breads are among the first products on the German market to be marked with the Nutri-Score rating.

14. We are constantly adapting our recipes:
In 2021, all products from the Mestemacher product range will have a salt content of lower than 1.3g / 100g.

15. Quality at the highest stage: From 2021, all breads from our company carry the Nutri-Score rating classes of A and B.

16. We currently have a range of 58 products and are convinced that there is sure to be something for almost every taste.

17. A special highlight of our bread range is our innovative “Pure Natural” product line, which foregoes the use of flour and yeast.

18. All of our breads are also delicious when toasted or roasted.

19. Mestemacher’s breads inspire various cultures across the globe.

20. Our company’s original product is Westphalian pumpernickel from Gütersloh.

21. The principle of minimalism applies in all of our recipes. As much as is needed – as little as possible.

22. We are committed to the global fight against hunger and support Welt-Hunger-Hilfe with our products.

23. Once you have enjoyed the bread, you can use our attractive bread tins for a number of different purposes.