Mestemacher sushi collection with

Mestemacher Westphalian wholemeal bread and Westphalian pumpernickel

The recipes are suitable for all sliced Mestemacher Wholemeal breads and Westphalian Pumpernickel breads as well as Mestemacher Gourmet Wholemeal Classic and Gourmet Pumpernickel breads. 

Sushi with avocado, pumpernickel and chives

Nigiri sushi with salmon and pumpernickel-onion topping

Sushi with bacon, scrambled egg and pumpernickel

Sushi with surimi, wasabi and pumpernickel

Sweet Sushi with lime rice, fruits and pumpernickel

Herbed sushi with wholemeal bread-bacon topping

Sushi with salmon, curry cream and wholemeal bread

Sweet Sushi with coconut rice, pumpernickel and banana

Sweet Sushi with pumpernickel-nut-chocolate crunch

Sweet Sushi with coconut rice, pumpernickel and peanut butter