Art Forum

Jean Marc Tingaud «One way» Photographies 1986–2019

About the Art Forum

At the Mestemacher Art Forum, the socially committed industrial bakery Mestemacher GmbH presents artworks from international active artists under the leadership of the initiator Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers. The invited guests can purchase the artworks during the vernissage. After the opening of the exhibition of the artist’s artworks Jean Marc Tingaud on May 19, 2022 at the administrative headquarters in Gütersloh, Am Anger 15, the exhibits will be hanging in the administration center.

About the artist

Jean Marc Tingaud is an artist living in France. In a lexicon, known as “The Photobook”, which is issued by the English publisher Phaïdon, he is considered to be one of the 500 most influential photographers in the history of photography. His works are exhibited in museums, galleries and institutions worldwide.

Travelling across all continents, he develops a work revolving around the topic of time, memory and the return to the origins.

A way of taking a look at the stories of others, moving and mysterious, yet all echoing the Great Story, mixed with the feeling of proximity and also interspersed with autobiographical memories.