Mestemacher has been distinguished with the “Superior Taste Award”

for its “Westfälischer Pumpernickel 500 g/250 g” products

for the 7th consecutive year by the International Taste & Quality Institutes, iTQi.

Brussels, Belgium, June 2nd, 2020: As each year, the prestigious jury of Chefs and Sommeliers of the International Taste Institute has evaluated the taste of food and drink products registered for the Superior Taste Award certification. The results of the tests have just been released by the Taste Institute.

About the International Taste Institute:

The International Taste Institute, founded in 2005 and based in Brussels, Belgium, evaluates and certifies the taste of food and drink from all over the world. Its jury is composed of over 200 renowned Chefs and Sommeliers from 15 European culinary or sommeliers associations. Over the years, more than 16’000 products were certified by the Taste Institute’s jury which includes prestigious chefs and sommeliers such as Ferran Centelles (Head Sommelier at El Bulli Foundation), Manuel Jimenez (Best Sommelier of Spain 2017), Alain Nonnet (2 Michelin stars for 36 years), Gaetano Raguni (Winner of Italy Bocuse d’Or 2017), Alan Coxon (British Ambassador for Food/Drink and BBC TV Chef presenter), or Cristina Figueira (1 Michelin Star)…

The Taste Institute’s performs objective sensory evaluation: its jury follows a rigorous blind tasting methodology in which product samples are anonymized to avoid any bias in the scoring. In addition to the scoring of the various sensory analysis criteria, the jury provides comments and eventually suggestions for further product improvement, or food pairing suggestions.



Character comes with time!  Westphalian pumpernickel is baked at excess pressure in a steam baking chamber for at least 20 hours, yet at a temperature of only 100 degrees Celsius. Thus, it would be more accurate to say it is cooked rather than baked. This ensures the vitamin and fibre preservation which, apart from giving the bread its characteristic colour and texture, is also responsible for its moist and slightly sweet taste.

A true fibre powerhouse!  Wholemeal rye provides the bread’s basis. Since the complete rye kernels are used, valuable vitamins and minerals are retained. Pumpernickel is one of the highest dietary-fibre bread varieties. Therefore, it provides a valuable contribution when it comes to covering the daily fibre needs.

Unique flavour and highly versatile!  The delicately-malty sweetness and a light hint of acidity gives the “Black Gold of Westphalia” its one-of-a-kind taste. Whether enjoyed as a light breakfast with cheese, as an in-between snack, or simply as a special taste explosion, served as dessert – pumpernickel rounds off both hearty and sweet toppings.

What makes it so special – regional and international!  Westphalian pumpernickel is the only bread in Germany that is allowed to bear the “protected geographical indication” seal. This fills us with pride – which is why, with its membership in the “Westfälisch genießen e.V.” association, Mestemacher fosters the preservation of regional cuisine. However, Mestemacher’s Westphalian speciality also convinces international consumers, and it was distinguished by the Brussels “International Taste and Quality Institute” with the premium flavour award in 2019.

Bread speciality at a glance

  • Delicately-sweet, slightly-malty wholemeal bread, made from valuable rye wholemeal
  • Unique aroma, thanks to gentle baking time (up to 20 hours)
  • High fibre content
  • Long shelf-life ensured by pasteurisation – completely without preservatives
  • Original Westphalian recipe, and the bread’s characteristics have remained unchanged since 1871
  • Ideal as a snack, but also as a special taste experience with hearty and sweet toppings