Roulade of corn poulard with Westfalian pumpernickel and mushrooms

serves 4

  • 1 slice of Mestemacher Westfalian pumpernickel
  • Remove the skin and tendons from 2 corn poulard breasts
  • 100g mushrooms (oyster mushrooms, hedgehog mushroom, button mushrooms)
  • 50g leaf spinach, blanched
  • 1 unscalded fried sausage (from the butcher)
  • a little bit of freshly cut chives
  • Djah Oftadeh (Persian mixed spices)
  • freshly ground salt and pepper
  1. Gently flatten corn poulard breasts between transparent foil so that they have the same thickness. Place the corn poulard breasts next to one another, season with salt, pepper and Djah Oftadeh and put in a cool place.
  2. Dice the mushrooms and toss them briefly in a pan with a little bit of olive oil, season and place on a plate, then set aside to cool down.
  3. Thoroughly mix the mushrooms, ground Westfälischen pumpernickel and chives, remove the fried sausage meat from the skin and mix well into the pumpernickel mass, season.
  4. Cover the poulard breasts with spinach leaves, spread well with the pumpernickel mass and use the transparent film to roll in firmly.
  5. Roll into tin foil once again, prick holes in the film and cook in well-salted water for 40 min at 60°.
  6. Set the roll aside to cool down and then cut in slices of desired thickness.

Cranberry jam or mango chutney also goes very well with this.

Preparation time: 40 minutes