The Founder Company

The leadership trio in management

Albert Detmers, managing partner of Mestemacher GmbH, jointly represents with his wife, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers and his brother Fritz, managing partner, the founder company: Mestemacher GmbH established in 1871, today’s bakery for wholemeal bread and international bread specialties.

Company Profile

Established in 1871

Managing partners:
Albert and Fritz Detmers

Co-partner and member of the management board of the Mestemacher group, Head of central brand management and social marketing:
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers

Persons employed in the group:
535 (2013), apprenticing company

Fields of business

Manufacture and marketing of wholemeal bread and international bread specialties in more than 80 countries of the world.

Premium brands:
Mestemacher and Aerzener


by Prof Dr Ulrike Detmers

Member of Management Board
Speaker for the Mestemacher Group

Mestemacher’s entrepreneurial energy is focussed on the manufacture of bread and baked goods. It produces naturally pasteurised bread specialities with a long shelf life when kept unopened. The baked specialities are sold by German and international food retailers as self-service packages. Mestemacher is a global market leader in the niche for long-life wholemeal breads and pumpernickel. Mestemacher has been promoting art on a bread tin and gender equality in society since 1994. As such, Mestemacher is the only producer of bread and baked goods worldwide whose corporate culture and ethics are characterised by the integration of bread, art and gender equality. The Mestemacher spirit does not correspond with the typical character of manufacturers of bread and baked goods. Typically, the baking guild concentrates on its core business: the production and sale of bread, rolls and bakery products, distributed via bakeries, self-service bread shelves or baking stations in food retail trade. The bread specialities are ideally suited for stocking up on hearty breads. Mestemacher’s range of classic bread varieties is complemented by international bread specialities. The dynamic industrial baker exports classic German wholemeal breads and pumpernickel to more than 80 countries on earth. Especially in recent years, Mestemacher has developed into a global market leader of packed bread specialities. With its specialities, Mestemacher is represented in a specific market niche of the overall market for bread and baked goods. In 2007, the professional journal BackBusiness ranks the Mestemacher Group on place 19 of the top 100 suppliers of baked goods. Major food retailers in Germany, the European Union, the USA and elsewhere are supplied with freshly-baked breads. In Germany, the Edeka Group, the Rewe Group, Kaufland, Metro, Globus, Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Globus, Hit, Tegut and many more are among the food retailers supplied.  The TOP 10 B2B partners in global food retailing are 1. Austria (Rewe-Billa, Spar, M-Preis, Merkur) 2. USA (Whole Foods, Publics, Krogers, Cost Plus, Big Lots) 3. Switzerland (Coop, Micro, Folg, Manor) 4. England (Waitrose) 5. Chile (Cencosud Supermercados) 6. Croatia (Konzum, Spar, Rewe, Kaufland, Getro, Plodine) 7. Czech Republic (Billa, Metro, Ahold, Tesco) 8. Canada (Sobeys, Loblaws, Marko  = (Metro) 9. Italy (Auchan, Coop, Esselunga) 10. Spain (Eroski, Carrefour, Marko, Capabro, Auchan). For many years, Mestemacher has dedicated itself to a large number of domestic social projects that focus on gender equality in society and the reconciliation of work and family life, in line with the Scandinavian model. These two sides of the coin work together in strengthening the awareness of Mestemacher with the relevant customer groups and, last but not least, spur the increase of both sales and market share.