Gütersloh, February 05, 2021


Plant Bakery achieves 16.7 per cent sales growth with hygienically-packaged, long-life bread specialities and baked goods, when stored unopened

In 2020, the Mestemacher Group’s bread and bakery products satisfied the strong demand for self-service, packed long-life fresh products, when stored unopened +++With strong sales growth from 16.7 per cent to 150. Anniversary year of Mestemacher 1871-2021+++System-relevant delivery bakery produced increased order volumes in 2020. This was achieved with extra shifts, extra work and new appointments+++New organic breads and special breads with plenty of fibre increase the appeal on self-service bread shelves

Guarantors of success (from right) Helma Detmers, shareholder, and Fritz Detmers, managing partner, and Albert and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers, both managing partners