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Delicious Whole Grain Rye Bread

Whole grain rye bread is dark in colour, coming from the whole rye grains. It has a delicious taste, also coming from the rye, sourdough and other ingredients. Compared with white bread, which tends to go stale after just a few days, whole grain rye bread keeps its good eating properties longer.

Mestemacher whole grain rye bread is made with whole grains that are freshly ground shortly before production. It uses sourdough, and includes no artificial ingredients.

Organic Whole Grain Rye & Oat Bread


grain** (whole rye meal** (36%), oat products** (23%) (oat kernels**, oat flakes**, oat bran**)), water, sunflower seeds** (3%), sea salt.

**organic farming

May contain traces of sesame, milk and tree nuts.

 100 g contains: 1.3 g beta-glucans

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information  per 100 g
Energy 208 kcal
Protein 6.5 g

of which saturated fat

3.9 g

0.6 g


of which sugars

32.5 g

4.0 g

Salt 0.8 g
Phosphor 215 mg
Magnesium 71 mg

The displayed value is a guide.


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