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Whole meal Rye Bread

From Westphalia a classic German Rye Bread, baked to a traditional recipe since 1871. Ideal for breakfast or as a little snack.
Also available in 500 g size.

Whole meal Rye Bread
whole rye meal (59 %), water salt, yeast.
No preservatives.

Nutrition Facts (100 g contains on average):
    particularly important for:
Energy 692kj (162 kcal)  
Protein 5,3 g Muscles, Cells, Tissues
Carbohydrates 32,6 g Performance
of which sugars 0,6 g  
Fat 1,3 g Energy reserves
of which saturated fat 0,3 g  
Cholesterol 0 g  
Fiber 8,1 g Healthy Digestion
Sodium 0,5 g